Peter J. Wacks

Peter J. Wacks

Photo by Steven L. Sears


Peter J. Wacks was born Jebediah Jason Zarathustra Janney Shults, then was quickly reminted the next day to a saner name on his second birth certificate. After that intro, he never really established normalcy in his life. Peter (or Zarth, whatever, it’s cool) has traveled to thirty-seven countries, hitchhiked across the United States (very funny, no, he didn’t hitchhike to Hawaii), and backpacked across Europe. He loves fast cars, running 5Ks, space travel, and armchair physics. In the past, Peter has been an actor and game designer, but he loves writing most and has done a ton of it, which can be found by looking him up online (even if it seems a little cyber-stalkery, don’t worry, go for it!) Since he doesn’t think anyone reads these things anyway, he will mention strawberry daiquiris, Laphroaig, great IPAs, and really clever puns are the best way to start conversations with him. Are you still there? The bio is over. Go read.

Recent Releases

Chasing Your Tale, by Peter J Wacks

A story of a cat, his girl, and her father’s mysterious book.

Chasing Your Tale is a standalone novelette in the Arcane America world. Join fifteen-year-old Sally Franklin and the appropriately judgmental cat Mouser Franklin as they pursue magical adventure in Colonial Philadelphia.

The discovery of a mysterious book in her father’s laboratory opens the door to adventure. But is she pursuing adventure, or is adventure pursuing her?

An entry in the Benjamin Franklin, Wizard for Hire storyline, the first chapter of Benjamin Franklin: Caller of Lightning is included in this edition.

When the serial killer inside takes control, all you can do is watch.

A Graphic Novel Bram Stoker Award finalist, Behind These Eyes illustrates the life of a young man struggling against a fractured soul, forced to watch from behind his own eyes as his alter ego kills. An alter ego that delights in choosing targets that will drive him to despair.

Where do you go when the person you want to escape is yourself?

Coming Soon

The inventor of time travel, a time criminal, and a temporal physicist walk/walked/will walk into a bar …

The bureaucrats at the Agency Monitoring Time and Causality had great confidence in their ability to manage the paradoxes inadvertently caused by time hoppers and purposely caused by time criminals. Their highly-trained, time hopping assassin-agents could essentially go everywhen to resolve a problem. That is, until the problem became everywhen itself.