Angel of the Abyss [Collector’s Hardcover]


Angel of the Abyss [Collector’s Hardcover]

The devil wants to help you save someone you love from perdition. This should go well.

This Trade Paperback edition of Angel of the Abyss will be signed by Hank Schwaeble, making it an instant collector’s item for readers who love some supernatural action in their detective novels.


Never one to leave well enough alone, ex-special forces interrogator, hardboiled investigator, and demon magnet, Jake Hatcher, went looking for trouble and found it. Finally able to be with the woman he truly loves, his bank account swollen beyond proportion, life for anyone else would seem charmed, but his good fortune came at a steep price.

Two years after witnessing his former lover, Vivian Fall, disappear into perdition, Jake may finally have been offered a way to free her. But the forces determined to stop him are hidden, and a deal with the devil cannot easily be trusted. Jake must discover for himself if he has what it takes to survive a battle of wit and wills with both an unknown contender for the Throne of Damnation and the being that has been its occupant since the dawn of creation.

This preorder edition of the Hardcover will be signed by Hank Schwaeble, making it an instant collector’s item for thriller fanatics, and can be purchased in a bundle that includes signed copies of Nonelective Murder from Medical Thriller author Jake Shuford, as well as The Undone Second, a time-bending thriller from Peter J. Wacks.

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