Susan Fink Childs

Susan Fink Childs


The founder of Evolution Healthcare Consulting, Susan Childs has over thirty years’ experience in healthcare and is a Board-Certified Fellow of the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE). Her recognized professionalism and trusted and proven approaches help practices establish conscious processes and strategies that encourage and promote self-awareness, creating high performance teams.

Susan has an extensive background in medical practice operations, personnel, revenue cycle, front desk collections, communication, customer service, and physician communications. She uses this experience to guide dynamic and fruitful staff workshops and practice retreats.

She is a national presenter for many organizations, including AAP, AAOE, MGMA, ASCENT, ACC, and the AMA. Susan also served as the ACMPE Advancement Chair with MGMA.

Ms. Child’s objective is to help practices build compassionate, accessible care, while also ensuring they recognize the positive impact and value of each staff member.

Recent Releases

Common Nonsense?

A Practical Guide to Managing Through Emotional Intelligence

As a leader, every action, interaction and reaction counts. Implementing emotional intelligence gives you the insight and empathy needed to create productive and positive relationships today and throughout your professional career. Emotional intelligence tells us that we are each our own unique person. We impress our own footprint with each practice.

This book offers a genuine opening to leadership for new managers as well as a quiet reminder for the most experienced CEOs. This writing can assure that your tenure and legacy be an experience of progressive, empathetic, and respectful leadership.

Learn how to grow your emotional intelligence and help your staff recognize their value within the practice. Explore approaches to superior communication where you are completely understood.

You can (re)gain a life/work balance while continuing to move forward with your profession. Enjoy real life stories and interviews that offer pearls in leadership that protect your calendar, easy to implement and benefit your office culture. This allows each reader to fine tune their own time management, delegation and organizational skills.

Maintaining a productive and positive rapport and relationship with staff can be challenging. Sometimes you have to look at things a little sideways to reveal the most successful approaches. The varied perspectives, tools and methodologies offered to gain “between the lines knowledge.”

Emotional intelligence can advance every relationship that we have. Promoting and utilizing increased awareness will only help you become a more effective and caring administrator.

Take this book and make it yours! Mark it up and highlight pages! Let it serve as working tool and a continual resource for you in referencing successful styles and approaches to leadership.