Shayne Easson

Shayne Easson


Shayne Easson was raised in the small town of Clearwater, British Columbia, seventy-five miles away from the closest bookstore. Thankfully, his grandmother smuggled him books from the city, fueling Shayne’s passion for reading and writing fantasy. Between crashing motorcycles, bear encounters, and a few incidents with escaped convicts, Shayne managed to survive long enough to graduate and pursue an electrical apprenticeship.

That apprenticeship eventually pulled him to Alberta. In 2003, Shayne received his Master Electrician degree and co-founded Alcon Electrical Corp and has since built it into a thriving business with over 150 employees across Western Canada.

In his spare time, Shayne enjoys returning to his roots. Camping, hiking, boating—any adventure involving the great outdoors. Regardless of where the path takes him, reading and writing remains the staple of the journey. Shayne and his family split their time between Okotoks, Alberta and Argenta, British Columbia. He is currently writing two sequels for his upcoming novel for Lophii Press, The Rhythm of a Jaded Heart.

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When fury blinds the eyes of justice, you may have to betray everyone to save them.

“All things must end where they begin again.”

Rheagon Dawes, a respected Prime of the Hearts, discovers a family of thirteen murdered in their farmhouse. Despite the abilities passed onto him by Dragon King Azure, Rheagon cannot unveil a trace of evidence. No indication of the weapon used. No perceived motive. Even more troubling is the surviving infant, neatly placed in the massacre without a single, bloody footprint from the perpetrator who placed her there.

A gift of life from the hands of death.

Before he can make progress on solving the mystery, he is demoted, and his opportunities for independent investigation diminish. It seems all he faces are a disengaged leadership and impossible choices to be made.

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