Jake Shuford

Jake Shuford

Jake Shuford
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I grew up reading books and I will die doing so. A native of Birmingham, Alabama, I later attended college at the University of Colorado Boulder. After graduating, I worked in the medical field selling orthopedic implants to surgeons and healthcare facilities. When I’m not drawing inspiration from gory surgical procedures—and don’t have a book in my hands—I love playing and watching sports, playing boardgames, and being outdoors and active. My goal as a writer is to offer readers a phenomenal story that allows them to escape their daily lives and explore the possibilities of what lies just beyond our vision.

Recent Releases

A surgeon’s protege learns that home is where the cadaver heart is.

Isaac had transplanted himself from Alabama to Colorado to work with a surgeon with the highest success rate in the field. He knew that sort of accomplishment came with personal sacrifice, but he began to think the sacrifice required was more than he was willing to make.