Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Bryan Thomas Schmidt

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Bryan Thomas Schmidt is the Hugo-nominated and national bestselling editor of 15 anthologies and numerous novels including the worldwide bestseller The Martian by Andy Weir and books by Frank Herbert, Alan Dean Foster, and Angie Fox, among others. His books have been published by St. Martin’s Press, Baen Books, Titan Books, IDW, and many more. A national bestselling author of novels and short fiction, his novel series include The Saga of Davi Rhii and The John Simon Thrillers. His debut novel, The Worker Prince, received Honorable Mention on Barnes and Noble’s Year’s Best Science Fiction of 2011. He lives in Ottawa, KS where he has been social distancing with his two dogs and two very naughty cats. He can be found online at and as @BryanThomasS on Twitter and Facebook.

Recent Releases

A charity anthology to fight COVID-19

The stories in Surviving Tomorrow are about everyday people living through extraordinary, history changing times. Over half are published here for the first time. Most are short enough to be read in a few minutes’ time-perfect for a brief respite from the very real worries of our own moment in time.

Importantly, all profits from Surviving Tomorrow go to providing COVID-19 tests directly to the front lines of this crisis.

Coming Soon

When his invention that will make interstellar travel a reality suddenly begins to malfunction, the inventor begins an intense hunt for who it is that wants him to fail and why.

Jason Maxx haș invented a drive that will propel space vehicles across vast distances in an instant using a technology he calls “Shortcut.” As he works with NASA to complete testing and development, a series of mishaps begin to mar the project. Out of the blue, its successful eventual implementation is called into question. Unable to believe his technology is flawed, Jason begins his search for saboteurs. Is he being paranoid? Or does he have enemies who want to stop this technological leap in its tracks?