Horses and Horse Medicine in Muromachi Japan

From Dr. David Ramey:

I’m interested in how horses were treated in Japan centuries ago, not because I think that there are some hidden treasures of horse medicine that we can use today, but because the thoughts and practices of historical societies give a lot of lessons for how things are today.  

What did they do?  Why did they think the horses got better?  Could the fact that horses got better then, using treatments that may not have had any effect at all have any implications for things that are being done today?  I find such questions fascinating.”

With translations provided by Dr. Dan Sherer, and Kaoru Tomoyoshi, who has translated original source material and added historical annotations about horses and horse medicine in Japan—Dr. Ramey will discuss the nuances of these techniques and how they would relate to modern-day medicine.

For those who want a more authentic experience, our Special Edition will have a faux-leather cover and will be delivered in a box that will evoke that time in history.

The book is a not-for-profit endeavor – the cost of the books will cover translation, materials acquisition, and costs. We intend for A History of Japanese Horse Medicine to be a coffee-table book that will help shine some light on some little-known practices in horse care from a fascinating part of the world.

Dr. Ramey began veterinary practice in 1984, in the Los Angeles area of southern California.  He has been providing outstanding care to horses in southern California ever since. He specializes in the care and treatment of pleasure and performance horses.  His clients particularly value his no-nonsense approach, his focus on providing services instead of selling products, his compassion for horses, and his ethical approach to the practice of veterinary medicine.

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